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Customs Examination Station

California Cartage Company has a proven track record of providing outstanding, reliable and effective solutions to the logistics community since 1944. We look forward to providing this same level of service for our clients at the Customs Examination Station (CES) in Carson, CA.

For online tracking of containers please visit

Examination Process:

  • Broker designates California Cartage Company as preferred Exam site on 3461 using FIRMs code: W517
  • Container is flagged for exam by CBP
  • Broker sends Exam Site copy of 3461
  • Container must be delivered to exam site within 72 hours; no appointment required
  • Unless exam is IBET, broker can use any trucker
  • Container delivered to exam site
  • Prioritized on FIFO basis

Count on us for:

  • Majority of exams will be invoiced within 24 hours after exam
  • Dedicated, experienced CSR staff
  • Free transload into trailers
  • Photos of every exam available to broker and importer
  • Damage reports emailed immediately with photos

Call 310.518.3033 or for more information.

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